What you can do with chestnuts

My grandchildren have collected a big pile of chestnuts, and this weekend they spend some time with their parents to make a lot of funny and cute chestnut animals.

Here you can see some of the animals:



As you can see it works good to use small colored pearls together with matches and toothpicks, also they dressed some of the fantasy animals with wool thread. 

And today I realized that it is really chestnut season.
I was driving the car to buy some food for my cats, when I suddenly heard a very loud bang, as if a big stone had somehow hit my car.

I looked in the rearview mirror, and saw a couple of jackdaws hopping happily around on the street behind the car. They had thrown a chestnut from far above onto the roof of my car and now the chestnut’s peel was broken and they could eat it without problems.

Later I examined the car, and there was actually a small bump in the car roof. Luckily it was very small, didn’t destroy the car paintwork, and you have to be really tall to see it.
I just hope the jackdaws weren’t so happy about the result of what they did that they are going to repeat it 🙂

Here is one more picture of the chestnut animals, now with a crocheted small hat. Guess it is a god idea now that it’s Fall.



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