Vintage Scrap Images

vintage-scrap-image-of-girlI just finished make a page with a lot of my old scrap images, and it has been a lot of fun restoring them.

One of the die-cuts I love the most is this dark haired girl, with bare feet and a lot of flowers.
That is also why I had to use a lot of time restoring it, because this was the girl who played the lead role in all our stories and games when I was a little girl so it was actually in a pretty bad condition.

When we were making our stories with all the scrap images I guess I saw myself in her, or maybe I should say that I saw the girl I would like to be when I was playing: She was beautiful and kind of wild and romantic, with bare feet and a garland in the black flowing hair. Just the person a small girl would like to be, I guess.

Well, this die-cut is special, but the rest of the scrap images on the page Sweet Vintage Clip Art are also restored, and doing so lots of memories popped up. I hope you will find good use for these funny old die-cuts.

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