Vampire Acorns for Halloween

Today was one of these beautiful autumn days, with almost no wind, a cloudless sky, and all the trees dressed up in all kind of colors.

So of course I had to go for a walk in the nearest park.

On the way I noticed the acorns lying on the sidewalk, also the helicopter leaves, the seeds from the the maple trees, and I picked them up, because I figured I could make something funny out of it.

Back home, after a really wonderful walk in the sun, I cut small grooves in the acorn, cut the ends of the helicopter leaves, and put these into the grooves.  Then I glued two eyes onto the acorn.

If you don’t have these eyes, you can use the small white things that are left when you make holes in paper for ring folders, and mark them with black. They have just the right size for eyes.

I used a small blanket stitch in the back of the acorn, and voila, there you have a small vampire for Halloween:

Halloween craft

If you are patient you can make a lot of the small flying monsters to hang in your rooms for Halloween.

I also used the acorns for small standing vampires. Used the hat from the acorn, cut it open in the end, and glued the acorn with wings onto it.

I also added a couple of vampire fangs, but I must admit it doesn’t look that scary 🙂

Halloween vampire acorn


Hopefully this will give you ideas of how to make funny things out of the stuff you find lying around these fall days.

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