The Legend of Jack O’Lantern

When Halloween is approaching we all (or most of us) start thinking about Halloween decorations and pumpkin heads, maybe we even start early to make a Jack O’Lantern to lighten up the dark October nights.

But how did all this with the Jack O’Lanterns actually start?j

The legend tells us about the drunkard Jack, and it originates from Ireland, where it is an old Irish legend.
Jack entered several contracts with the devil himself, and he actually managed to cheat the devil on several occasions.

When Jack died both Hell and Heaven were closed to him, and he had to forever wander aimlessly on earth.
As a help, or maybe a mockery, the devil kicked a piece of glowing coal from Hell’s fire to Jack.

legend of Jack O'lantern
Jack hollowed a turnip and placed the glowing coal in it to use it as a lantern now he had become an eternal wander.

Irish emigrants brought the tradition with them when they came to USA, where later the turnip was replaced with the pumpkin.

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