Jags for the small dinosaur

Some time ago I made a template for a small green dino. I imagine you can use it as a place card when you have a dino party (get more ideas for that here).

You can also choose to make it together with your kids, just for fun. If you have a program like photo shop or any kind of drawing program, you can change the color on the template and make dinosaurs in different colors, maybe even spotted dinos 🙂

A kid I know liked the dino very much, so I made one for her as well. But then she asked if she could also have one with jags or points, so I made two A4 pages with different backs for the dino.



The one I made for her is here. It has red jags, but as you can see there are also templates with other colors, and even template with curved “things” on the back.

What you do is to cut the backs two and two, glue them together, and glue the back to the dino with the green side up.

No more talk, here comes the firs template:



And here the next template:




I hope you will have a lot of fun making these different dinosaurs, and maybe make your own templates based on these templates.


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