Christmas Card Examples

As I promised both here and on the Homepage of all followers of my newsletter by December 7 2016 will get a newsletter with links to some Victorian Christmas cards and two old New Year greeting cards. I have made this page with small examples of the cards, so you can see which ones …

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Happy Groundhog Day 2016

I hope you will have a happy Groundhog Day, and that all the shoveling will soon be over 🙂

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How to Make Shoveling Easier

I found this great Vine at I think it is a really good advice, as I recall all the snowy sidewalk I had to clear when I was younger. This advice could have helped a lot! I recommend that you mute the sound, though, as it becomes very tiring very fast. Couldn’t help placing it …

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Christmas Heart Tree

I didn’t quite know what to call this post: Calling it a Christmas tree seemed not quite right, a Red Heart tree sounded strange – so I ended up calling it a Christmas Heart Tree. In the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen they have decorated this huge tree with big red hearts. At night the …

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Make these beautiful ice lanterns to light up the winter night.

I made these beautiful ice lanterns, and I was surprised how easy it was to make them, and I find them extremely delicate when they light up the long winter night. They are made out of water, frozen to ice, and nothing else. You can enjoy them as long as it is freezing, and when it …

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