Inspirational Picture Quote

It seems that my blog,, is finally working as before, especially if you have cleared your cache. It still doesn’t work quite well on my computer, when I click the link on, I come to the blog, but all the text is missing. Then, when I mark the URL and click return, then …

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Picture Quote about Life

If you ever stop and wonder what life is all about, or if you wake up in the morning thinking there must be something else to life – I am sure you will like this picture quote. The one Guinea fowl who hesitates to go on like the four other Guinea fowls – feeling a …

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Quotes about Dogs

I am in the middle of making a page with picture quotes about dogs. I have made this one, which is actually more about the human who lives with the dog, but I find it so funny and apt. You can get this one here, and find others on the page┬áDog Quotes. I don’t have …

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Baby Hippo

On a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen the other day I was so lucky to end up at the Hippopotamus area just when they were going to eat, and I could take some great hippo photos of the two fully grown females and the baby hippo, also a female. You will find all the pictures …

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Quotes for Father’s Day

I am quite fond of the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It might have become a big commercial thing, but the main reason for celebrating these days is still OK: So often we forget to tell the people we love, that we actually appreciate what they mean to us, and these days …

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