Quotes about Dogs

I am in the middle of making a page with picture quotes about dogs. I have made this one, which is actually more about the human who lives with the dog, but I find it so funny and apt. You can get this one here, and find others on the page┬áDog Quotes. I don’t have …

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Picture quotes about summer

I am making some picture quotes about summer, and I am having a lot of fun doing it. You can find them on this page, but I will also give you a special one here. One that has the text: “In summer the empire of insects spread”, a quote by Adam Zagajewski.   I don’t …

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Quotes for Father’s Day

I am quite fond of the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It might have become a big commercial thing, but the main reason for celebrating these days is still OK: So often we forget to tell the people we love, that we actually appreciate what they mean to us, and these days …

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