Inspirational Picture Quote

It seems that my blog,, is finally working as before, especially if you have cleared your cache. It still doesn’t work quite well on my computer, when I click the link on, I come to the blog, but all the text is missing. Then, when I mark the URL and click return, then …

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Picture Quote about Life

If you ever stop and wonder what life is all about, or if you wake up in the morning thinking there must be something else to life – I am sure you will like this picture quote. The one Guinea fowl who hesitates to go on like the four other Guinea fowls – feeling a …

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Pictures of Baboons

When I started this blog making a post with pictures of animals in zoo, and thought I would put more pictures on it, I simply didn’t understand the concept of blogging. I am so used to making pages on the website, where I add pictures and drawings to pages, but here of course it is …

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