Pictures of Lesser Panda

I think spring is finally here, after some days with snow and rain and strong wind. At least the sun is shining, it’s holiday, and everybody is going to the Zoo.

Well, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people, and it feels almost like a big fiesta. Kids in all ages are running around, exited about all the animals and the great atmosphere. Small kids are being painted in their face, painted as tigers, butterflies, lions and kittens, a few tough little boys are being painted as dragons.

I love to go to the Zoo, with my grandchildren or alone, and having a Season Pass it doesn’t cost me anything, which certainly only makes everything more funny 🙂

I took these photos of the Lesser Panda, in Danish called the Red Panda, which is obviously a great name for it when you see it climbing around in the sunshine.
You can see that in one of these pictures. It looks so cute, but when you notice it’s claws you think twice about giving it a hug. But of course those claws are great for climbing trees.

Picture of lesser panda

The Latin name for this Lesser Panda is Ailurus fulgens, and in German it is called Katzenbär.

It is really not that big, weighs maybe 3-5 kg when it is grown up. It eats bamboo shoots, grass, roots and fruit. Sometimes it also eats insects and mice and baby birds.
The Lesser Panda (Red Panda) and the Giant Panda are not closely related, but they both have a false thumb on their forepaws. This false thumb is made by one of the carpus bones prolonged to form an extra digit than can be pressed against the other 5 fingers, to secure a bamboo stern while it eats.

The Lesser Panda lives in Central Asia high up in the mountains, height 2000 – 4000 m.

photo of red Panda

On this next picture notice the big claws, you can especially see it on the left forepaw. And when the Panda climbs the trees, the claws look even bigger.

claws of lesser panda


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