Pictures of Baboons

When I started this blog making a post with pictures of animals in zoo, and thought I would put more pictures on it, I simply didn’t understand the concept of blogging.

I am so used to making pages on the website, where I add pictures and drawings to pages, but here of course it is different.

So here are some pictures of baboons. I especially like the one where a baboon is looking from behind a blue pillar, and the one with the mother and child.





I am actually trying to learn how to show these pictures as a dias show, but it seems more difficult than I had hoped.

Well, if I go on trying, then sooner or later I guess it will work.

But here are some more pictures of baboons:


I also find this picture of the baboon with the blue sunglasses amusing. A week after somebody had lost a very pink shoe into the cage, and I saw a baboon trying to fit the shoe to her foot. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera with me, it was such a beautiful and funny sight.




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