Pictures from the First Day of Spring

Last Sunday I went for a walk in the park. It was rather early in the morning, the sun was shining, and the wind was soft and warm.

In the park there are three big and old Magnolia trees, and on this particular spring day it seemed that the conditions were just right for these trees to bloom.

When we came to the park, two of the buds had opened up. We stayed by the tree a little, and a little later, maybe 5 minutes, 4 more buds had opened up.

At first we thought we might have missed these the first time we looked, but then we realized that the buds were opening up just now, in these minutes we were standing there! I felt like a miracle, and as we stayed and looked carefully at the buds, one by one we could see the bracts fold away, and the beautiful, delicate white Magnolia flowers unfold.

Magnolia Alexandrina or common Magnolia

As far as can could see it is what is called common Magnolia, or Magnolia soulangiana

Here is one more spring flower, just unfolding from its bracts:


As you can see from the next photo, it is still cold when you are in the shadow, but during the time we spend in the park, people flocked, especially families with small children and elderly people, who enjoyed sitting on the benches and looking at the flowers and the kids running and playing on the grass.


And here are some of the pictures of the very first spring flowers:



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