Merry Christmas Greeting

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Vintage Christmas Silhouette

Christmas silhouettes are so great to use for anything connected to Christmas: Gift cards, gift tags, the dinner table, invitations and Christmas greetings.

You will find a lot on the page Christmas silhouettes on Clipartqueen, and here is one more.

A beautiful vintage silhouette of a girl and a Christmas tree in one:

You can also find a lot more Christmas clipart if you go to Homepage

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Printable Christmas Card

Funny and Cute Christmas Card for You

Some years ago in December I made some small drawings of “nisser” which might be translated into goblins og Santa’s helpers – I am not sure what to call them in English?

In Denmark and Sweden and Norway “nisser” are everywhere when Christmas is approaching. Originally “nisser” were actually not so nice, and you had to make good friends with them by giving them a bowl with rice porridge with cinnamon-sugar and butter.

Today in December “nisser” are in the shop windows, they are all over in the Christmas decorations, and they are the ones who give the children the present in the Christmas sock every morning for 24 days.

So here they are, cute and funny.

Printable Christmas card

Find more printable Christmas cards on the page on

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New Coloring Pages for Christmas!

I have added a lot of new coloring pages for Christmas to this page on

This first one you will only find here, so if you want to color this Christmas mandala, please click the drawing here to come to the real version, and then download that one. It’s much easier than it sounds, actually.

Mandala Christmas coloring

This next cute drawing with the Christmas kittens you will find on if you use the link above:

I hope you will find and use a lot of my coloring pages for the cozy holiday days.

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A Funny Fall Picture!

I went for a walk today. The sun is shining, there is almost no wind – it is such a beautiful autumn day!

Took this picture in the park. OK, I might have made small alterations but the tree face was there, looking at me. Can you see it?

funny tree face in autumn

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