Funny Bear Clipart

I think even if you have a fishing pass you will probably choose another day to go fishing after seeing cute bear cub by the river.

As we all know, when there is a bear cub, probably the mother bear is near, and you donĀ“t want to meet here, especially as long as she has cubs.

Actually, if you go to my page with pictures of bears, you can see how wise it was to stay away!

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New Dinosaur Pictures

I am in the process of updating my page with dinosaur pictures on, and so far I have added some really great pictures , where you can see these old creatures in great landscapes.

Here is a picture of a really huge and tall dinosaur, a herbivore, in a landscape of palmtrees:

A huge herbivore dinosaur in an old landscape, a great dinosaur picture

I hope you will enjoy this picture, as well as all the other new dinosaur pictures on

If you want a cut-out of a dinosaur or a drawing in stead, you can also find that on, at, not to mention there are also two more pages about dinosaurs, one with dinosaur facts and one very popular one with dinosaur coloring pages.

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A Crazy Video with a Mouse and a Cat

A funny video I made while I am trying to learn how to make small videos.
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Funny and Easy Easter Craft

Yesterday I visited my daughter, and found these wonderful and funny Easter decorations made by her oldest daughter (aged 7).

She made them all by herself, and I find them so sweet that I present them here like they were made by her, instead of trying to make my own examples.

Funny Easter craft

As you can see they are a funny mixture of Easter chicken, eggs and Easter bunny ears.

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Banana Dolphins

If you want to serve something for your childs birthday that is not too sugary, but the kids will still love it – maybe these banana dolphins are just what you are looking for.

funny banana dolphins

I found them at the birthday of my youngest granddaughter, aged 3 years, and even if the dish started out as full of these funny dolphins with a ball in their mouth, soon there were only these two left.

As the dolphins are easy to make, your children can help making them, which makes it even more fun.

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