New Clip Art for St. Patrick’s Day

I have made some new clip art for my page with St. Patrick’s day clipart, and I just wanted to tell you about it.

Some are with rainbows and shamrocks, some with a couldron filled with gold coins with golden clovers.

Take a look at these new clipart, or maybe you would like to use one of all the other clip art or coloring pages.

You can also follow my board on Pinterest for stuff for St. Patrick’s day, which will be my own clipart together with other clipart I might like and different crafts for St. Patrick’s day that I think look funny or interesting (or both).

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Lots of New Valentine Clipart

On my website I am making a lot of new clipart for Valentine’s Day.

You will find new Valentine’s Day coloring pages with cute and funny animals, new Valentine frames and especially new Valentine clipart.

And here you have a new, so cute, Valentine bear:

If you want to see all these new clipart and pictures, please go to the main page with an overvies, Valentine Ideas.

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Red Fly Agaric Pictures

It might be a little late for these photos, but I had a lot of troubles with this website, not showing as it should, so here the come: Two reallyt beautiful photos of the red fly agaric.

Beautiful red agarcic

I don’t yet have a page with mushrooms on, so at the moment you will have to settle for these two photos.

For other pictures and lots and lots of clip art please go to Homepage.

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Coloring Pages with Dancers

I have made a new page on, a page with beautiful dancer coloring pages.

I have used some older prints and worked with them to make these wonderful and very decorative coloring sheets. I hope you will take a look and choose the ones you like best. I am sure you will have a wonderful time coloring them in any way you like.

Go to the page

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Funny Bear Clipart

I think even if you have a fishing pass you will probably choose another day to go fishing after seeing cute bear cub by the river.

As we all know, when there is a bear cub, probably the mother bear is near, and you donĀ“t want to meet here, especially as long as she has cubs.

Actually, if you go to my page with pictures of bears, you can see how wise it was to stay away!

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