New Pages with Clipart Borders

I am working on 5-6 new pages for, all with clipart borders of different kinds.

The first page will be with flower borders and frames, and I think you will be able to find it on the website in about a week’s time.

Here is an example of one of the flower borders:

clipart border with pink flowers

Some of the frames and borders will be a lot more complicated than this one, and if you would like to have access to a really good printing version of the clipart borders, you should think of signing up for my newsletter on Clipartqueen.

Every time I upload a new page with borders and frames, be it Christmas borders or butterfly borders or other kinds of borders, I will send you a newsletter with links to the best printable version of the pictures of borders.

But of course you might not need it, because I will make sure that you get as good a version on the page with the borders, within the limit of picture size there. So if you need the border clip art for a webside and not for printing, you can use the ones on the pages.

Then again, you could sign up for my newsletter anyway 🙂

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