Make an Easy Origami Christmas Tree

origami Christmas tree craftAs I said in the post with the origami leaf, if I can make this, everybody (almost) can make it. See here how easy it is to make a beautiful Christmas tree with origami.
Well, you have to use the scissor a little, so maybe it can not be counted as regular origami, but it certainly is close.

What you need is a piece of paper, same color on both sides. I used white paper for this one, 6 x 6 inches (approx 15 x 15 cm).
I have also made some Christmas trees in green carton, as you will see below, but I must admit I had some problems because the carton was rather thick. But I managed to make them, though.

On this first photo you will see the white paper with red lines where you shall fold the paper towards yourself, blue lines where you shall fold the paper away from  you.

craft-christmas-tree-1When you have made the first  two foldings, the paper should look like this:



Now you make the two folding away from you and the the paper will look like this:

craft-christmas-tree-4Nest step is to take the paper folded like you see to the left and just use the folds you have already made to shape it like this:



Take each side flap and fold it to the middle. Do that to all 4 flaps to get the shape of the paper on the next photo.

origami Christmas tree                                                Easy origami Christmas tree

Now comes the part of making this origami Christmas tree that I found was the most difficult to understand.
I hope the pictures will help you prevent you from making some of my mistakes 🙂

You unfold one of the flaps, and then you “open” that side and fold the flap in between. So now the outermost of the side, the flap, shall be fold in.

origami-christmas-tree                                        origami-christmas-tree-8

Now you are almost done, at least with the folding.

You now have a paper shaped like the first one below, and what you do now is cut the bottom of the shape to get the triangular shape of a Christmas tree.

origami-christmas-tree-9                                    origami-christmas-tree-10


Finally you cut through all layers on each side, not quite to the middle. And now fold each “branch” on the Christmas tree to make a sharp point on each one.
This will take a little dexterity, especially if you make the origami Christmas tree smaller, but when you see the result you will know that this last effort was worth making.

Easy origami Christmas tree



Voila, here you see some of these easy origami Christmas trees.
As I mentioned I had some problems with the green ones, because the carton was too thick, but they still look great, and I am sure that if you are just a little better than me making different kinds of decorations (and I can tell you that most likely you are!) you can make these small Christmas origami trees even more decorative.


Have fun!

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