Make a cute Easter chicken

As a child I made a lot of pompon-things: Pompons for a wintercap, pompons just to play with, pompons for making funny animals – so I figured it would be easy to make some yellow pompons for small Easter chickens.

But I really had to try several times before I managed to make them look ok. The difficult part is when you have to pull the strand of yarn around all the loose threads – the smaller you make the pompon, the more difficult it is.

But here is the very, very cute Easter chicken:


I am sure that after making some more of them, they will look even better, this is the first attempt.  And immediately this little chicken was adopted by a toddler in the family who happened to be there when I made it. She took it very carefully in her hand, and when she had to leave with her mother, she wouldn’t let go of it, went to the car talking quietly to the little bird in her hand.

So I guess I can say it was a success after all, even if I wasn’t totally satisfied with the result 🙂

Here is how you make it:

Cut two circles of cardboard for the body, approx. 1.6 inches in diameter. Then draw a small circle inside them approx. 0.6 inches, cut that out in both cardboard circles (it really doesn’t have to be that accurate, as long as the two cardboard circles are identical). The easiest way to do that is if you cut into the circles, and I find it also helps later in the proces.



Now you take the yellow yarn (I find that wool is best) and wrap it around and around as shown on the photo:



Make sure you can control all the threads and the cut:


Then take a thread and let it go in between the two pieces of cardboard, tie a knot tight, before you remove the two cardboard circles.


Now you have a small pompon, maybe a little uneven. Cut the threads that are too long, and then hold the pompon over some steaming water. I don’t know why that works, but it does, and now you have a small soft woolen ball to use for the body of the chicken.

Do exactly the same for the head, now you just use two pieces of cardboard with the diameter 1.3 – 1.4 inches.

Easter-chicken-sidewaysSew the two pompoms together.

I made two small wings and the beak out of red felt, and sewed it to the body and the head, but I think you might as well use any kind of fabric or cardboard and glue it to the pompons.

Finally I found a pair of eyes, and glued them to the head. The toddler was very worried that the chicken couldn’t see, and very happy when the little bird had the eyes attached.

Again, if you don’t happen to have a pair of eyes laying around, you can easily use a small piece of round paper with a black painted spot.

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