Lion Head Origami

I have made this funny lion head origami, and I think I am going to make it with other animals, when I have the time.

Time is important, because it actually took me quite a while to figure out how to turn the picture to make it work as a biting or roaring  lion in the end.origami-lion-headWhen you print it in 150 dpi, it fits an A4-sized paper.

First you cut the picture, then turn it with the back upside, and fold the corners to the middle (there is a cross you can see through the paper).

Turn the paper over again, and fold the corners to the middle.

lion-head-origami-1 lion-head-origami-2

Fold again as you can see below.







Finally you can use a paper clip to keep the two parts of the head together:

lion-head-origami-5 lion-head-origami-6


And you have your finished lion head origami:



Have fun!

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