Huge Soap Bubbles

All my grandchildren love blowing soap bubbles, and the other day when I went visiting a friend of mine he showed me how to make a soap bubble mix that allowed us to blow these huge and awesome soap bubbles you can see on the photos here.

Huge soap bubbles

My friend hadn’t prepared anything for making the bubbles before I arrived, so he made a steel clothes hanger into a circle with a handle, and wrapped the steel circle with thin cloth, to use for making these huge bubbles.

soap-bubbles-2  huge soap bubble floating

When I tried that later with a couple of my grandchildren they couldn’t handle this clothes hanger thing, so instead I bought some soap bubble gear in a toy shop, and that worked well with them. After blowing soap bubbles for an hour I had to persuade them to stop and go inside, and it only worked because there almost wasn’t any soap bubble water left.

Here is the recipe for the soap bubble mix:

5 dl water
4 dl soap bubble water you can buy
½ dl dish soap (Fairy Ultra Original is what works best, as far as he knew)½ dl glycerin

Distilled water should be the best, but we used normal tap water, and as you can see it worked fine.

Mix the ingredients calmly, don’t make too many bubbles in the water.

Below you will get a couple more recipes for soap bubble water, but this one worked well which I can personally guarantee. We had so much fun!
It’s best not to blow the bubbles indoor, because the soap water, when the bubbles burst, can ruin furniture and floors. Also it is so much better to blow the bubbles outdoor. Just hold up the soap bubble gear and let the wind make these incredible bubbles!

soap-bubbles-3 soap-bubble-2

Two more recipes for soap bubbles, but I haven’t tried them myself:

Good and cheap soap bubble water:

First one:

1 l water
½ dl dish soap (again Fairy Ultra is best)
1 spoon full glycerin


8 dl water
2 dl dish soap (yes, Fairy Ultra, and the firm doesn’t give me any money for mentioning them. Of course other dish soaps can be used)½ dl glycerin
pinch of granulated sugar

soap bubbles recipe

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