How to make Pink Thumb Tacks

I was looking for some pink thumb tack in the shops, the old-fashioned kind, because I have re-decorated my flat, including making two new bulletin boards in grey.
I had a lot of pins in different colors, but the pink ones were so pretty with the grey color that I decided to go wit those alone – also to make a more consistent look on the board.

So, as I said, I went to buy a lot of pink thumb tacks, only to discover that no matter what shop I tried, they only had black, white, different colors or some strange looking pins that I certainly didn’t want on my board.

Next step was the internet, but it was still difficult to find exactly what I wanted, and if I found something like it it would be expensive to have it send.

So what could I do? I could make them myself, of course.

I bought a very cheap nail polish in the color I wanted, and placed some of my old pins in a piece of Styrofoam.

how to make pink thumb tacks

As you can maybe see on the picture above, I started painting a couple of the pins before I remembered to take the photo.
The green and dark blue pins were a little difficult to paint to my satisfaction, so I think I will have to by some white ones if I am going to need more pins.

But as you can see on the next photo all the other pins, even the yellow ones, were nicely colored. I actually like they are a little different, but if you want them to have exactly the same color, either choose to start with only white ones, or give them a third layer of nail polish.
I gave them two layers.

lots of pink pins

I am quite happy about the outcome of this idea, and of course you can make thumb tacks in any color you like this way.
I guess you can also decorate them with tiny false diamonds and other funny things.
It is a cheap and easy way to make some change on your bulletin board.

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