How to Make a Cute Penguin Box

penguinboxHere is a box template for making this small box shaped as a penguin.

You can open the box and close it again, but you will have to be a little careful doing it, so I guess if it is used as a candy box for children, it wont last that long.
On the other hand it can be a funny toy as long as it lasts!

You will find the gift/candy box template below, and you can of course use different colors, add a butterfly, a tie and other funny things to the little penguin.
Make these things in carton or paint them onto the penguin.

The size of the candy box made from this template, printed with 150 dpi, will be approx. 10-11 cm (4 inches).

You can fill it with candy, or place a small gift inside. Or just use it for place cards.

IMPORTANT: Remember to read the whole post, and print out all the parts of the template before you start.

Print this template and cut it in black carton, and cut all the whole lines, also the two half lines in the top.

Fold all the dashed lines.

box template black part

Print the next template on white carton, also 150 dpi. Cut all the fully marked lines, lightly fold the dashed lines..


Candy template white


Glue the front of the white template onto the back of the black part.
IMPORTANT: Remember NOT to glue the little black wings, they shall be late be made to stand out from the penguin body.

penguin-box-glued-1  carton-penguin-box-glued-1


What you now see above is the back, the inside of the box.

Fold all the sides and glue it together.

Fold the tabs in the bottom inside, cut the bottom template, put it inside the box and glue.

penguin-box-bottom     penguin-box-with-bottom-1       penguin-box-with-bottom-2


Print the templates for the feet and the peak, cut them in orange carton and glue them on.

penguin-box-beak        penguin-box-feetpenguin-box-feet

Cut two small whit circles in white paper and paint black in them for the eyes, glue them onto the box penguin.

Finally you twist the to top-things and make the two cuts slide into each other to close the box.



Go to Homepage for Clipartqueen, or the pages with penguin stuff: Penguin clip art, Penguin pictures and Facts about Penguins.

I can add a quote from the page with penguin facts:

“It is impossible to meet a penguin and continue feeling angry about something.” 

and I hope it goes for this little penguin box as well.






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