Homemade Shelves for Whiteboard Markers

A month ago we got a new entrance door, which meant that the containers with markers I had hung below the white board suddenly were to deep (or wide? )

The white board I had in our small entrance hall started out as a place where I could write what to buy. It also also served as a reminder for birthday wishes (do you know the feeling when asked about your birthday wishes, and you KNOW you had a great wish the other day, just cannot remember now?) – and it ended up being a perfect place for all the grandchildren to make drawings together when they visit me.

shelves for markers

So I definitely had to have somewhere easy to place the markers.
I thought about buying a picture shelve in IKEA, but it was 10 cm deep, and the entrance door only left room for a shelve 9 cm or less.

I found an old picture frame, sawed it into appropriate lengths, painted two of them, hemmed them firmly – and I had two great shelves for whiteboard markers!

It was easy for me, because I have so many old frames lying around, but I am sure you will be able to find one very cheap at a flea market, or even thrown away somewhere. Just make sure it it a picture frame that kind of “bends” like the one you can see here on these photos:

old picture frame sawed up            painted shelve for markers

So here is what it looks like now. These two shelves don’t interfere with opening the door, and it will be easy for the kids to take the white board markers and put them back, even when they are a bunch of kids in front of the white board.


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