Welcome to my blog, Clipartqueenblog.com

I am planning this blog to be a place where I can put all the stuff I don’t know where else to place. And a blog with new funny drawings, beautiful pictures and cool facts.

As this is a blog, I have had to change to look a little, but don’t be afraid, you are still with Clipartqueen 🙂

I am quite new in the blogging area, so please bear with me. I will have to learn a lot, especially about how to manage pictures on this blog.

The pictures here will often be a little bigger than on the website, so I will sometimes present the best pictures here as a kind of creme de la creme !

So, again, welcome to my blog!


Best Regards


Visit my website Clipartqueen.com, with funny clip art, cool drawings, facts about animals, pictures of animals, clipart for all (almost) occations.

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