Happy Canada Day Card

Here is a Happy Canada Day card, to send to friends and family.

I thought about making a page with Canada Day clip art, because I found out that I have a lot of followers in Canada.

But this picture was the only one that popped up in my mind, so I ended up with making this card with a  beaver and a moose, celebrating Canada day with a little fire (which they of course remember to extinguish very carefully afterwards!!) and the beaver is making marchmallows for both of them.

You can send this card as you like: As snail mail, on the mobile, desktop and so on.
It’s free for you to use for your own personal use.

Click the picture here to come to the larger and better printable version, if you want to print the card.


happy Canada day cardThe size of the card, printed with 300 dpi, should be approx. 5 x 3,8 inches.

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