Halloween Craft Ideas

I know it is not yet Halloween, but if I have to make some new Halloween decoration ideas on my website, I guess I will have to start now.

Halloween decoration ghost

So – within the next month you will find more and more ideas for crafts, Halloween decorations, funny things you can make for Halloween, etc.

Today I present a small Halloween ghost, it is easy to make, also together with children, and when you hang it it will flap slightly when people move around and the air moves around as well.

You can make it yourself out from this picture, just draw a funny ghost on white cardboard (you need cardboard a little thicker than the ordinary printing paper to get it right), cut it.

Now take a sheet of parchment paper, cut a piece that will go around the ghost and cut it into thin strips, but remember not to cut all the way through. You need to leave a thin rim to keep all the strips together.

Glue the parchment paper around the ghost, and finally hang the cute ghost in a string.

Soon you will find a template for different ghost on the page Halloween Decorating Ideas   as well as you soon will find new Halloween cards and clipart on the other pages on Clipartqueen.com

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