Getting Rid of Stains on Marble

If you have a marble table, and it has got some stains and marks after wet glasses – don’t despair!

Here is a great tip that will come in handy after a party.
Maybe some of your guests at the New Year celebration placed a wet glass on your marble table, or on the marble windowsill.
You might even have marble coasters, and then the chance you have some rings on the marble is pretty great.

Marble with stains

What you will need is:

Lots of blotting paper, some distilled water and beeswax.
Tear the blotting paper into strips. Put the strips into distilled water until it becomes a mush.

Cover the stain with the mush and leave it for 5-6 hours.

Taking away the mush, the stains and rings will be gone.
But – the marble has lost its polish and looks a bit weird.
Fortunately this can easily be taken care of:
Polishing the marble with beeswax, and the table looks really fine again, as good as new.

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