Funny Easter Crafts for Pre-school Children

Here are a couple of really cute and funny ideas for something you can make together with children for Easter.

The yellow Erantis (aconite) is made of a yellow pipe cleaner pulled through the green carton leave and the yellow flower. The pipe cleaner creates the flower’s center.

You can make a bouquet of them, or hang them from the ceiling. The ladybird just happened to be on the wall behind the flower, but it looks nice, I think.

Paper aconite craft             Funny Easter craft for children

The next photo shows a picture made by a pre-school child age 6. It is made from bubble Wrap, cut in shape and then paited white. It gives the sheep the curly look.

Then legs and heads are cut in black cardboard, and the eyes and the bow are glued to the picture. Cute, isn’t it?

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