Funny Drawing Games

The other day after dinner with my family we all played one of the many games I remember from right back to my own childhood. It is a very simple game: All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil or a pen, and voila! you can play the game.

You can make groups of 3 or 4, or just switch to join.

The first makes a (secret) drawing of a head and a neck. As you can see from the examples here, it can be a head of almost everything, it could even be a pumpkin head :-).Then he or she folds the paper, so only the lines from the neck are visible.

paper game drawingfunny drawing game
Now the next person draws the torso, or maybe only the upper part of the torso, with arms. Again the paper is folded to make only short lines for the next person to make either the lower part of the torso, or the legs.

As you don’t know what the previous sketch has been, the final drawing will always be a funny surprise.

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