Funny Christmas Cards

I know that we are only in the middle of November, but the days go by so fast, and suddenly it is Christmas!

So I have started making some funny, strange, crazy Christmas card. At least I think they are funny, and I hope you can share my sense of humor.

You will get one card here, click the picture, and that should take you to the original Christmas card, which you can print. It is made in very high quality, and if you print it in 300 dpi, it will have the size approx 9 x 13 cm (3,5 x 5,1 inches)

Funny Christmas Card with monstesrs


I know, I know, my sense of humor is a bit weird -:)

You will find more Christmas cards here on this page, both funny and sweet and traditional, so take a look.

And check up on that page now and then, because I am planning to make more funny card for Christmas greetings.

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