Easy Origami Leaves

origami-leaf-startHere you can see how you can make easy origami leaves, and when I say easy, I mean it.

I have decided to learn how to make origami animals and boxes, but I find that
1. My fingers are not exactly made for these delicate crafts
2. It is not so easy to understand all the diagrams for folding.

But it only took me one try and 15 minutes to make these two origami leaves, so I think it should be considered easy 🙂

Fold a piece of carton, and draw the outline of a leaf on the side you want to be the back.
Cut the leaf.

origami-leaves-1  origami-leaves-2

Now draw lines, again on the back, from the top of each lobe to the center of the leaf.
Make sure that the lines from each lobe meats the opposite line in the center line (at least more or less).

Fold the side lines to the center.
I used a ruler for the first folding each time, then sharpened the fold with my fingers.

Every second leaf lope should be folded in different direction.
That means that you every other time has to fold without having a drawn line to help you, but I guess you will find it quite easy, as long as you fold from the top of the lope and try to keep the angel of the fold like the ones you have made before.


origami-leaves-3  origami-leaves-4


origami-leaves-5  origami-leaves-6

As you can see above, after folding the first two lope folds, I have turned the leaf with the front upside, and now the nest two folds are going to be made.

On the next picture I have made all the folds, but the leaf still looks a bit unfinished.
What you need to do now is sharpen some of the folds, and make sure that the center fold goes up and down every second time, after each new side fold.
Finally you kind of “push” the leaf together to make it look right.

origami-leaves-7  origami-leaves-8


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