Easter Egg Decorating

This year I will try a new way of decorating our Easter eggs for the Easter table.

I heard of this way of making the eggs look as if they are marbled, in different colors, and thought it would look great as a decoration.
These eggs are for the Easter lunch or breakfast, just made to look decorative. But you can still eat them as  they are colored with food coloring!

Easter egg decorating is normally something we do before we are going to roll or throw the decorated eggs down a hill, to see which egg gets the furthest.
Decorating the eggs in different ways makes it easy to see who’s in lead, but most of all it is so funny and cozy when the whole family is occupied with trying out new and strange ways to decorate their eggs.

But this way of decorating is not on the shell, it stays when the egg is peeled.
What I did was making a test run to see if this new way of decorating worked, and as you can see on the photos it did. I thing these marbled eggs look wonderful!


Marbled Easter Eggs

The colors on the eggs can actually become a even darker if yo leave the eggs in the color overnight.

What to do:

Boil the eggs.
As I should use them for the lunch table, I boiled them for 7 minutes.
Cool them in cold water, and then knock the eggs slightly on the kitchen table or with a spoon. This shall make
tiny cracks in the egg shell all over, but not so much that the shell brakes off. (If it does a little, no harm done, and it is difficult to avoid).

Place one egg in a freezing bag and pour 1 teaspoon food coloring into the bag.
Then lightly “massage” the bag now and then, to make sure the color is “massaged” into all the tine cracks in the egg shell.

coloring Easter eggs Easter egg decorating
After half an hour take the egg out of the freezing bag, pour a little vinegar over the egg to make the color attach better to the egg, and then clean it in water.

You can also place the egg in a cup, add the food coloring and some water. Just enough to cover the egg, and then let it stay that way over night.

Easter egg decorating      decorating Easter eggs



If you are going to decorate a lot of eggs, place them in a deep plate or a bowl, but to make the color as strong as possible, make sure not to use too much water.

peeling the Easter egg

I think this is a new and very funny way of decorating the Easter egg, and the look so pretty on the table.
It will also be easy for kids to help you, or maybe even do the Easter egg decorating themselves.

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