Early Spring Flowers

The winter has been long and grey, but now, when we have the first days with the smell of spring, the early spring flowers  blooming, the wind suddenly not cold but gentle – then you are just happy to live in a country where the seasons change!

Maybe it’s a little like banging your head to the wall, and then being happy when you stop doing that, but it’s not only that 🙂

The freshness in the air, the smells, the high sky, everything is new and delicate.

Here are some pictures of the first spring flowers. I have pages with that on Clipartqueen.com, take a look at Seasons of the Year.
his first photo of spring flowers looks almost like a Japanese or Chinese drawing of flowers. I took this photo a week ago, one of the very first days of spring.

Early spring flowers blooming

Yesterday I went for at walk at the local cemetery, a very old one, where there are huge areas with just flowers, trees and lawns.
There you find an avenue with Chinese Cherry trees, and as you can see at the photo lots of people go there to see this beautiful sight. They know that if there comes a day with wind, most of the delicate pink flowers will be on the ground in only hours.



And they are beautiful, these soft pink spring flowers – and I guess one of the things that makes them so beautiful is actually the knowledge that they are only there for a few days.

Actually I think I prefer the simple, white flowers above and here again:


But as I know that a lot of my friends most certainly prefers the pink spring flowers, here you have got at post with both kinds.

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