Dinosaur Photos

I have just made a new page on Clipartqueen.com with pictures of dinosaurs.

It’s not as if I found the big dinosaurs walking around in the neighborhood, of course , but as I say on the page I borrowed a lot of toy dinos from a friend and took them to the Botanic Garden, where I – if I may say so myself – took some great photos of the different types of dinosaurs with a suitable but strange environment.

I haven’t finished arranging these photos into a page, but take a look at the ones that are there already.

Here is one I like very much. I am not sure if this is a dinosaur, but it certainly lived at that time:



This next one is a definitely a dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex:





So if you like this kind of dinosaur clipart, please take a look at this page

or go directly to Homepage.

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