Dinosaur made in paper

If you or your kids like dinosaurs, then I think you will like this little green dino made of paper, cut and folded, and just a little glue makes the finish.

Folded Dino 1

I have made two templates, both for the A4 sized paper. One is with three dinos, if you want to use them as place cards. Then you can write the names on the side of the dino. – The other is with only one, big dino on the paper. I don’t know, maybe if you plan to make the dino together with a child, then this one is easier to make.

Dinosaur place cards    Dinosaur-template-1

You print the template as 150 dbi. Cut the dino, and where the lines are dashed, you cut them. All the other lines are to fold. The black areas are where you glue the dino.

I have made my small dino in normal printer paper, so it is possible to do that. But I think that for a bigger dinosaur you should use a paper that is a little thicker.

I so hope you will enjoy making this cute little dino, I had so much fun figuring out how to make it.

You can read more about dinos on these pages: Dinosaur clipart, Dinosaur facts, Dinosaur coloring pages. ( It seems I really like dinos, doesn’t it:-))

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