Craft with fall leaves

fall leaf craft

Drawings made out of fall leaves and colored chalk. It makes some beautiful paper leaves to use for decorations, for example decorating the autumn table.

Pile of fall leaves for decorationsA day when you walk in the autumn weather you collect different fall leaves and bring them home.
I did that a day with light rain, and anyway the fall leaves are often a bit wet, so when I came home I places the leaves between two sheets of paper, and then again placed them in between the pages of a book.

Actually it was mostly because I was rather busy and didn’t have time for making the drawings the same day.

The next time I am planning to collect leaves I will do it together with some of my grandchildren, and then we shall go home, have a nice cup of tea, and make the fall leaves drawings while drinking the tea.

I think it will be a nice thing to make together with kids because it is really quite easy to do. A child 4 years old can make the drawing and then you can cut the leaf, and if the kids are older than that they can do it all themselves, because the cutting doesn’t have to be that precise.


What to do:

fall leaves craftSo, you take the fall leaves, place them on a sheet of paper, with the back side up (this make the leaf veins more outstanding, which makes a better drawing).

Place a new white sheet of paper upon the leaves.

Take a color chalk/crayon

Color the paper with a color chalk that lies down, till all the details of the leaf emerges.

Cut the leaves.

Now you can place the fall leaves on colored paper, to make a greeting card.

You can place them as table decorations, or any other kind of decoration where you can see the beautiful colored leaves.



colored fall leaves     fall leaves drawings


As you might have noticed on the pictures above, I placed some of the leaves too close to each other, not thinking about the space you color beside the leaf when you color with the crayon lying down.
So my advice is: remember that, especially when you make these drawings together with children. Place the leaves far away from each other.

fall leaves drawings


I have used different colors for the leaves, like when you look at a pile of autumn leaves and see all the different colors.
Well, maybe the pink and soft blue is not that normal to see, but I thought it would make a great decoration.
You can choose any colors you like, and even use two ore three colors on one leaf. For the orange leaves above I use both orange and red, and it gives the drawing a slightly different character than the others.

So try different ways of coloring the sheet on the leaves. The leaves will still be there and won’t be destroyed no matter how many times you use them.

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