Change of the URL of the website

I have decided to change the long URL of my website: to the much shorter This will happen January 26, and I hope everything will go smooth and no big problems will arise!

I am not quite sure what this will mean for this blog, but I shall find out as soon as possible after the 26th. Promise!

So, back to the website: I hope, of course, that you like and use my website, and will continue to do so. Then you will only have to do 1 or 2 things, everything else should be taken care of.

1. If you have my site bookmarked, you will have to bookmark it with the new URL as soon as the new URL is working, that should be January 28 at latest (maybe already the 26th.) The old URL will not work after the change.

2. If you have signed up for RSS feeds, any kind of feeds, that wont work after the change, UNLESS you do this:

Sign up again  now (not exactly now, but today is best) in the box in the left column on clipartqueen-bear or in the right column. If you sign up in the right column you will also get the option of having feeds with my new pages sent to you by email.

If you should miss this opportunity then of course you can also sign up after the change, but you know what often happens when you postpone things – you forget them. Well, at least I have a tendency to do that, and as I really would like you to go on following my site, I hope you will sign up before the change of URL.

I will leave you with this now, and I will go on making a lot of new pages which you can find on the website Clipartqueen after the 26th of January.

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