Weird Christmas Cartoon

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New Page with Skull Images

I have just uploaded a new page, with lots of scary or funny or just right out weird head skulls. Also some animal skulls, and I think over time there will be more of both, but right now I am really fed up with skulls of any kind 🙂 I know that skulls might not …

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Mouse and Cat Halloween Postcard

When I was a child, we had this picture lottery with funny but also a little scary monkeys on the pictures. I was so fascinated by these drawings, that they often have popped up in my memory through the years that have passed since then. Recently I found the drawing, you see below, and when …

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Picture quotes about summer

I am making some picture quotes about summer, and I am having a lot of fun doing it. You can find them on this page, but I will also give you a special one here. One that has the text: “In summer the empire of insects spread”, a quote by Adam Zagajewski.   I don’t …

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