Beautiful Christmas Star

Christmas starHere comes an in-the-very-last-minute Christmas decoration: A beautiful Christmas Star.

It is made out of the parchment paper you use to separate the food in the lunchbox (if you do that).
Anyway, it is made out of parchment paper the size 12 x 7,25 cm (4.7 x 2.9 inches). Maybe it can be made out of paper in sizes different from this one, I guess it can, but as I haven’t tried that yet I shall stay with these sizes.
The reason it is made out of translucent paper is that when you hold it up against the light, in the window during the day or as you see on this photo a lamp, it shows the circles inside the star.

You need to make 16 folded pieces, they shall become the points of the star.

You can easily make it yourself, but if you gather some friends and family members around a table, you can work together on making a star, and then one more 🙂 Each person only has to make two folded pieces of parchment if you are 8 persons working on it, so it goes really, really fast making a star.

This is what you do:

Take one piece of parchment, fold it lengthwise (remember to make all the folding sharp, in this way the Christmas star will be more beautiful).


Then fold each side in to the middle, see picture 1. After folding all four flaps, fold again to the middle, (picture 2) till you end with the form on picture 3. Turn it around and the front of the folded paper will look as picture 4.


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 4

Now, when you have made 16 of these pointed folded pieces of paper, glue them together, and when you have glued them all, you have the star!







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