Baby Hippo

On a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen the other day I was so lucky to end up at the Hippopotamus area just when they were going to eat, and I could take some great hippo photos of the two fully grown females and the baby hippo, also a female.

You will find all the pictures on this page with hippo pictures, and soon there will also be a page with funny hippo drawings.

mother and baby hippo eating

But for now I will give you a few quotes and poems about hippos. I especially love this Hippo Haiku:


late one Kenya night

hippo grazed ‘neath pale moonlight

breathless magic sight –¬†By Diane Stefan:


I have never been to Africa, but I can imagine this breathless sight!

Here is a funny saying or quote:

Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus, or just a really cool Opotamus? – “Mitch Hedberg


And here is finally a picture from the zoo. The zookeper was waving with a cabbage and the big female hippo opened it’s mouth wide open:



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