Geese Egg and Other Flowers

Speaking of geese, when I was updating my page Pictures of Flowers with a lot of new photos, and splittingĀ these photos into different sections with flowers in the different colors, I found this very beautiful photo of a plant which is called (translated directly from Danish) Geese Egg. I don’t know what it is called …

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Summer is here!

The geese and the goslings (I think they are called goslings, but I am not quite sure. Please correct me if I am wrong) have been waddling around in the parks for some time now, and now the last of the litters are up and eating as if their lives depended on it which of …

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Sweet Mother’s Day Card

As you might know, there is a page on my website with free Mother’s Day cards, find it here. But I just made this very sweet card with a small boy, a toddler, holding a red heart balloon, where it is written MOM. So, as close as we are now to Mother’s Day, I thought …

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The Apple Blossoms

I find that there is nothing as beautiful and soft looking as the early flowers of the apple trees. They are white and soft pink and so delicate, and you simply have to stop and look closely when you pass by the tree, here in the spring.   “What if you have seen it before, …

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