Princess Table Cards to Play With

After I had made the small dinos to use for table cards, one of my friends who is the mother of a 3 year old girl asked me if I could make a template for princess table cards to play with, in the line of the dinos. Her daughter is completely into the princess thing: …

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Baby Hippo

On a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen the other day I was so lucky to end up at the Hippopotamus area just when they were going to eat, and I could take some great hippo photos of the two fully grown females and the baby hippo, also a female. You will find all the pictures …

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Quotes for Father’s Day

I am quite fond of the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It might have become a big commercial thing, but the main reason for celebrating these days is still OK: So often we forget to tell the people we love, that we actually appreciate what they mean to us, and these days …

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