Jags for the small dinosaur

Some time ago I made a template for a small green dino. I imagine you can use it as a place card when you have a dino party (get more ideas for that here). You can also choose to make it together with your kids, just for fun. If you have a program like photo …

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Pictures of Baboons

When I started this blog making a post with pictures of animals in zoo, and thought I would put more pictures on it, I simply didn’t understand the concept of blogging. I am so used to making pages on the website, where I add pictures and drawings to pages, but here of course it is …

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Cute Medical Postcard

I found this old vintage postcard today, with a picture of two kids, a boy and a girl. The text says: The little doctor, and the boy is pouring some medicine into the table spoon hold by the little girl. The postcard was in a rather bad shape, but I repaired it, and now you …

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