Mother’s Day Coupon Cards

What do you think your mother would really, really want for Mother’s Day? The answer is of course a free meal or breakfast served, and here you have two Mother’s day cards, that can serve as coupons for just that. The first card will be so perfect to send or give to your mother – …

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Dinosaur made in paper

If you or your kids like dinosaurs, then I think you will like this little green dino made of paper, cut and folded, and just a little glue makes the finish. I have made two templates, both for the A4 sized paper. One is with three dinos, if you want to use them as place …

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A few pictures of zoo animals

I have made a new page with pictures of zoo animals, and I hope you will like the photos. They are all taken in the zoo in Copenhagen where I live.   There are of course a lot of the pictures on the other pages, like the one with pictures of tigers, that are from …

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