Tips on Knife Sharpening

I guess that today a lot of people have some kind of device to sharpen their kitchen knives, but then again, a lot of people don’t, and when you stay in a holiday cottage you almost certainly don’t.

So what do you do, when you are going to chop the vegetables and cut the meat, and the knives available are blunt and almost impossible to work with?

Here are some tips on how to sharpen your kitchen knife, or your scissors, if that should be the problem:

When your kitchen knives becomes dull, you can grind them against the edge of a flower pot. Hold the knife almost flat against the pot edge.


You can also use an ordinary stone from the garden. Wet the stone with a little water or oil and grind alternately towards and away from the blade tip. (Please be aware that the stone shall be rounded and not angular. I know the stone on the drawing above in angular, sorry, my mistake.)

Scissors can also sharpened with a stone. Put the scissors on the table and pass the stone toward the tip of the scissors.

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