The Best and Cheapest Skin Care

I am not sure where I first read about this great advice for making your skin soft, but I read it when I was in my early twenties, and I have used it with huge success ever since.

Actually I think it was written as tips for getting the best and cheapest skin care, from one of the big manufacturers of skin products, saying that this was what she had actually used herself her whole life . And I have so often been surprised by learning that non of my friend knew about it, so I have decided to share this simple and really delicious skin care with you:

Best skin care

Anyway, it is simple and doesn’t cost much, because all you need is coconut oil, salt and a shower:

Buy a jar of coconut oil, and before you take a shower rub the oil into your skin. If you live in a cold country or state the oil may be solid in consistency. It doesn’t matter, just grab some of the white oil, warm it a little between your hands and rub it in.
Also you might not have to use the coconut oil all over your body every time, you might mostly want to use it for your legs, arms and other parts that need to be softened and peeled.

After using the oil, use salt. The coarse grained kind is to prefer. Use it to rub it into the thin layer of oil, to peel your skin and also to make it “alive”.

Then you take your shower, and don’t use too much soap except where you absolutely have to. The salt rub has already made the used cells and the dirt get off your skin.

Finally wipe your skin with a towel and there you are with a very soft and smooth skin. Enjoy the feeling, and I am sure you will again  …. and again.
Of course you don’t have to do this every time you are take a shower, but if you are going to a party, or if you just want to feel delicious – this is a really nice way to do it!

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