Caracal Kitten

I took some photos the other day in zoo of the Caracal and it’s two extremely cute kittens. When I was taking the photos I overheard a conversation between two teenagers who were fascinated by the kittens playing with a rope toy. They had never seen the Caracals before, and tried to catalog this new …

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Baby Hippo

On a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen the other day I was so lucky to end up at the Hippopotamus area just when they were going to eat, and I could take some great hippo photos of the two fully grown females and the baby hippo, also a female. You will find all the pictures …

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A few pictures of zoo animals

I have made a new page with pictures of zoo animals, and I hope you will like the photos. They are all taken in the zoo in Copenhagen where I live.   There are of course a lot of the pictures on the other pages, like the one with pictures of tigers, that are from …

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Zoo Animals

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