Pictures of Lesser Panda

I think spring is finally here, after some days with snow and rain and strong wind. At least the sun is shining, it’s holiday, and everybody is going to the Zoo. Well, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people, and it feels almost like a big fiesta. Kids in all ages are running around, …

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Snake taking a break together with Zookeeper

When I visited the Zoo in Copenhagen last week they were cleaning one of the glass cages where the big snakes normally live. I am not quite sure where they kept the big Anaconda while they were cleaning, but one of the smaller snakes took a break together with the Zookeeper in the rain forest …

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Tasmanian devil in Zoo

As you might know if you have read my page about animals in Zoo’s (which actually mostly consists of pictures) you will know that in Copenhagen Zoo there is a Tasmanian devil couple, and this year they had cubs. The small ones are still inside in the house, but the grown ups are taking trips …

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Flamingos and a red Ibis

Right now it is late summer here in Denmark, where I live. It has been a great summer, with lots and lots of sun and warmth, and the last week a lot of rain, so the trees are booming with all grades of green. Therefore I will here post two pictures of very red birds, …

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Adorable Baby Elephant

I was looking through some of my photos from the zoo, to find more elephant pictures, when I found this picture of the most adorable baby elephant, looking out from under his mother’s belly. They have just been down to have some water, you can see that the baby elephant’s trunk is wet. It is …

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