Adorable Baby Elephant

I was looking through some of my photos from the zoo, to find more elephant pictures, when I found this picture of the most adorable baby elephant, looking out from under his mother’s belly. They have just been down to have some water, you can see that the baby elephant’s trunk is wet. It is …

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Caracal Kitten

I took some photos the other day in zoo of the Caracal and it’s two extremely cute kittens. When I was taking the photos I overheard a conversation between two teenagers who were fascinated by the kittens playing with a rope toy. They had never seen the Caracals before, and tried to catalog this new …

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Baby Hippo

On a trip to Zoo in Copenhagen the other day I was so lucky to end up at the Hippopotamus area just when they were going to eat, and I could take some great hippo photos of the two fully grown females and the baby hippo, also a female. You will find all the pictures …

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