Mouse and Cat Halloween Postcard

When I was a child, we had this picture lottery with funny but also a little scary monkeys on the pictures. I was so fascinated by these drawings, that they often have popped up in my memory through the years that have passed since then. Recently I found the drawing, you see below, and when …

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Beautiful Flower Images

Here I will show you a flower clipart, a drawing, you can use for free. I have made a lot like this on, and you will find them all on the page Free Flower Clipart Most of them are made over some old die cuts I was playing with when I was a child. My …

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Welcome to my blog,

I am planning this blog to be a place where I can put all the stuff I don’t know where else to place. And a blog with new funny drawings, beautiful pictures and cool facts. As this is a blog, I have had to change to look a little, but don’t be afraid, you are …

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