Lion Head Origami

I have made this funny lion head origami, and I think I am going to make it with other animals, when I have the time. Time is important, because it actually took me quite a while to figure out how to turn the picture to make it work as a biting or roaring  lion in …

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Quotes about Dogs

I am in the middle of making a page with picture quotes about dogs. I have made this one, which is actually more about the human who lives with the dog, but I find it so funny and apt. You can get this one here, and find others on the page Dog Quotes. I don’t have …

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Flamingos and a red Ibis

Right now it is late summer here in Denmark, where I live. It has been a great summer, with lots and lots of sun and warmth, and the last week a lot of rain, so the trees are booming with all grades of green. Therefore I will here post two pictures of very red birds, …

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Dinosaur Photos

I have just made a new page on with pictures of dinosaurs. It’s not as if I found the big dinosaurs walking around in the neighborhood, of course , but as I say on the page I borrowed a lot of toy dinos from a friend and took them to the Botanic Garden, where I …

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